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Semi-Automatic Ergonomic
Tabletop Plastic Injection Machine

  • Easy to read and adjust digital temperature controller.

  • Aircraft spec aluminum body.

  • Easy view foot operated sealed material hopper.

  • 316 Stainless steel injection chamber and plunger for corrosion resistance.

  • No-lube pneumatic devices, ideal for medical and clean-room applications.

  • Working area is protected by a transparent safety-guard and safety red heat shield.

  • Portable, requires no permanent installation.

  • Digitally adjustable sequencing of clamping, injection and ejection of the mold.

  • Adjustable mold stop with automatic ejector.

  • Adjustable clamp for different thickness molds.

  • Built-in resettable production counter.

  • Medical grade corian tabletop.

Feature Spotlight:

Control Panel

Control Panel

Medical Grade Corian Tabletop

Medical Grade Corian Tabletop

Adjustable Power Clamp

Adjustable Power Clamp

Double Wall Injection Cylinder

Double Walled Injection Cylinder

Sealed Material Hopper

Sealed Material Hopper

Safety Shields



AB-250 Specifications

Dimensions: 24” x 21” x 24” / Weight: 90 lbs. (40.82 kg)

Clamp Force

Shot Capacity

Injection Press @ 125 PSI

Voltage Required

Heat Capacity

Temperature Range

Mold Height

4000/5500 lbs.

1/4 oz (6 grams)

6333 PSI

120V 50/60HZ

Optional 220V

400 watts

100ºF - 650ºF


Sprue Centre Line

Daylight bet. Mold Opening

Maximum Molding Area

Cycle Time

Ram Diameter

Nozzle Orifice

Hopper Capacity


2" to 2-1/4"

3 sq. inches

5-99 seconds

9/16" (14.28 mm)


15 oz (450 grams)



"Our company has been using the AB Machinery plastic injectors since we grabbed the very first model right off of the table at a trade show in the late 1990s.


We now have a good number of AB-400 machines, and they have served us very well over the years. They allow a wide range of repeatable control settings, are designed and built very well, and have proven to be highly reliable with a wide range of materials.


Also, they are well supported by knowledgeable staff who have always answered the phone personally, and gotten the job done for us.


We have been very happy with the performance of both the machines and the people at AB Machinery."

Avi Martirossian

- President at Village Goldsmith Inc. / Nation Chain Co.

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