AB - 400M Table Top Injection Molding Machine

AB Plastic Injectors - AB-400M

The AB-400M plastic injector is a table top and manual version of our AB-400 (internal link to AB400) "sit down" ergonomically designed plastic injection machine. Like the AB-400 (internal link to AB400), the AB-400M plastic injection machine features a larger 3" x 3" mold capacity for an up to 1/2oz (14g) plastic shot size!

AB-400M Plastic Injector Features:

With a stronger reinforced body and 2 stage cylinder, the AB-400M plastic injector is capable of injection pressures of 6903psi! If more injection pressure is required, the machine can be outfit with 9/16” and 11/16” heating chamber and RAM. Sprue center line is 1”.


Download a PDF copy of the parts list for plastic injectors.

Download the PDF




Ram Diameter9/16" | 11/16" | 3/4"
Shot Capacity1/4oz (7gr) | 1/3oz (10gr) | 1/2ox (14gr)
Injection Pressure @ 125PSI6333 | 4243 | 3568
Injection Pressure with 2 stage cylinder @125PSI12228 | 8209 | 6903
Voltage Required120V 50/60Hz, 220V Optional
Heat Capacity600 Watts
Heat Capacity Nozzle Optional100 Watts
Temperature Range100° F - 650° F
Mold Height3"
Sprue Center Line1"
Daylight between mold opening2 1/4"
Cycle Time5-99 secs
Nozzle Orifice.093"
Hopper Capacity30 oz (840gr)
Machine Dimensions28" X 21" X 61"
Machine Weight120lbs (55Kg)