AB - 300 Semi Automatic Plastic Injector Workstation

AB Plastic Injectors - AB-300-4

The AB-300 semi-automatic plastic injector workstation is our floor model "sit down" ergonomically designed plastic injection machine. The AB-300 plastic injection machine features a foot air operated hopper to free the operator's hands for faster handling of molds. Designed for maximum operator comfort and ease of use, the AB-300 plastic injector allows for maximum productivity during larger production runs. We also outfit this machine with a large 30oz (840gr) sealed material hopper.

AB-300 Plastic Injector features:

The AB-300 Plastic Injector features a 1/4 oz. shot capacity and a 2 ton or optional 2.5 ton hydro-pneumatic power clamp, as well as an injection cylinder capable of 6333PSI. This floor model machine allows for more comfortable and faster operation while processing larger production runs. The small footprint allows for multiple units to fit in a production environment. Mold height is up to 2.5” and sprue center line is 7/8”.


Download a PDF copy of the parts list for plastic injectors.

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Clamp Force(lbs)4000/5500lbs
Shot Capacity1/4oz (6grams)
Injection press,@ 125PSI6333PSI
Voltage required*120V 50/60HZ
Heat capacity400 watts
Temperature range100ºF-650ºF
Mold Height2-1/2"
Sprue Centre Line7/8"
Daylight bet. mold opening2" to 2-1/4"
Maximum molding area3 sq. inches
Cycle Time5-99 seconds
Ram Diameter9/16 (14.28mm)
Nozzle Orifice0.093
Hopper Capacity7.85oz(220grams)
Machine Dimension28"x21"x55"
Machine Weight157.3lbs. (71.5KG)