AB - 100 Manual Plastic Injector

AB Plastic Injectors - AB-100-4

Economical and easily adapted for quicker left hand or right handed use, the AB-100 manual plastic injector can inject up to 1/4oz of plastic into inexpensive metal molds. This machine makes plastic injection easy featuring a quick and easy manual clamp designed with a hardened screw and bronze nut for long wear.

The AB-100 plastic injection molding machine features a small footprint and an injection cylinder capable of 6333PSI. Mold height is up to 2.5” and sprue center line is 7/8”.

AB-100 Additional Features:

  • Strong aircraft spec aluminum body.
  • Interchangeable stainless steel injection chamber and piston for corrosion resistance.
  • Working area is protected by a transparent safety-guard and safety red heat shield.
  • The machines are transportable and do not require any permanent installation.
  • All pneumatic devices are of the “no-lube” design, making the machine ideal for medical and other clean room applications.


Download a PDF copy of the parts list for plastic injectors.

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Clamp Force(lbs)4000lbs
Shot Capacity1/4oz (6grams)
Injection press,@ 125PSI6333PSI
Voltage required*120V 50/60HZ
Heat capacity400 watts
Temperature range100ºF-650ºF
Mold Height2-1/2"
Sprue Centre Line7/8"
Daylight bet. mold opening2" to 2-1/4"
Maximum molding area3 sq. inches
Cycle TimePer Operator
Ram Diameter9/16 (14.28mm)
Nozzle Orifice0.093
Hopper Capacity7.85oz(220grams)
Machine Dimension18"x21"x25"
Machine Weight70.4lbs. (32KG)